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Creating History

Art is a reflection of its environment.  With time, space and perspective, a true artist can turn any canvas, whitewashed or worn, into an exceptional piece of work. 

In 1882, A small space in the North West corner of York was primed and ready for a fresh idea.  From Park Street to Texas Avenue, from Farquhar Park to Carlisle Road, a masterpiece was beginning to unveil itself and a man named William Lanius was holding the brush.  Delve a little deeper into “Captain” Lanius in The Avenues Story if you’d like.  For the moment, let’s skip over the events that have formed our neighborhood over the last century. 

The ups and downs of time have led us to a new era.  A community spanning several generations has found The Captain’s brush.  They’ve dusted it off and tapped into his vision of a curious little community where families and friends live and play in a way that is familiar to centuries-past and welcoming to the trendsetters of tomorrow.  They come from all walks of life and each of their stories is a brushstroke on the ever-evolving work of art that has ebbed and flowed for over twelve decades.

This is our generation and your generation.  This is our time and your time.  Welcome to The Avenues.

The Aveues, York PA

Left: Artist Brenda Wintermyer, of City Art Studio Gallery, documents Jim and Jean Leaman's home at 505 Linden Avenue before its historic restoration. (Photo courtesy, York Daily Record/Sunday News)

Right: Artist Michael Walker painting "en plein air" in front of the beautifully restored Queen Anne Victorian which is now home to Jim and Jean’s Lady Linden Bed & Breakfast. (Photo courtesy, M. Walker Paintings)

Be-In at Farquhar Park

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